We present ourselves

The CavalliVarese Consortium was officially born in 2014 by an idea of our Project Manager Ferruccio Badi, and is a Product Club bound to Camera of Commerce of Varese with the target to create a team of people working in our territory of Varese, all tied one to the other as to offer complete services for equestrian tourism. Sportive equestrian activity fun and discover of the territory perfectly integrate offering a range of unique experiences in places where the horse has always been the protagonistand where riding reached excellence levels in all the Olympic disciplines, from Complete to Show Jumping, to Dressage, but even competitive Western Riding, Carriages until Trekking.

10 stables and 8 partners are members of the Consortium,,divided in all the different typologies of all the offered services: english and western riding clubs and centers specialized in horse trekking and carriages rides; then hotels and restaurants “horse friends” but even more. A varied caleidoscope to give the possibility to discover the territory at 360°, designed to provide tour packages and discover Varese along new and panoramic routes, like the Green Way of Varese, tasting typical products as Monate peaches, or Gavirate Brutti e Buoni, Tasting the cheese from Luino valleys, and the honey of Varese and so on, stopping in charme hotels restoring body and mind in a Spa or in a wellness center or travelling along the spiritual paths of the ancient pilgrims. All of this into the exclusive frame of the land of the lakes.

Target of the Consortium : by horse in Varese province

Varese province is rich of lakes, green and excellent places of art and culture and enjoys a special fund : 80 breeders, more then 100 stables with 600 riders, Fise and Sef Italia-Engea Clubs, equestrian centers with specialized English and Western riding trainers, places where you can try high levels jumping, Complete and olympionic training; courses for endurance and carriages. An incredible offer that makes Varese particulartly appetizing for experienced riders but even for beginners wanting to know more closely horses world and its multiple opportunities of relax and fun in still unspoiled places.

The knowing of the province starts from here: the heath around Malpensa Airport from always welcomes riders and amazons who want to try the exclusive training in horse jumping, dressage and complete, starting from ponies until high quality horses for competitions also at international levels, with stages and days in contact with the best trainers; in the verdant Sumirago is the western world to catch the eye and let you discover the beauty of the Quarter Horse world, from Reining to Barrel. Then the farms distributed all around the territory, fro Arabic horse, to jumpers, to the english thoroughbred gallop horse.